Automate & Simplify
Requirement Documentation

An easy-to-use cloud-based collaboration tool to quickly generate & manage Functional Specification Documents (FSDs)

Improved team productivity.
Efficiency in development.

Everything your team needs to plan, capture, manage, functional specification document, and get up to development faster and achieve more.


Create specification document using annotation blocks library.


Get to development faster by speeding up the requirement phase.


Effortlessly create specification document like a professional.

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    Its about teamwork

    Everything your team needs to plan, capture, manage functional specification documents (FSD’s), and get up to development faster, and achieve more.

    Only SpecNota gives you the flexibility you need to quickly create FSD’s, no matter the scale of your project.

    The functional spec is the moment of true alignment between business and IT and we understand the importance of getting it right that’s why we built SpecNota.

    SpecNota is for...

    Your team can grow as quickly as it needs to. Get the best professionals in their field.

    CEO’s and company founders can get your requirements across to you teams easily.

    Agencies of all sizes can complete project briefs with ease and the right teams.

    Confidence knowing the software specifications are accurate and ready for development.

    Your Specification Document Process need a boost?

    Library Resource of automated Elements & Annotation blocs

    Create annotation templates, masters, re-usable and customisable component libraries. Mix & Match, Save & Reuse.

    Team Collaboration

    Multiple users can work on or edit the same FSD simultaneously. Our version control system tracks the changes. give feedback to everyone on the team easily by adding comments directly on each annotation.

    Predictive Text AI

    Powered assistant to speed up the creation and quality. By analysing past behaviour and FSD to help the user create new FSD’s reusing date from past FSD’s.