Business Analyst

Business Analyst

SpecNota for Business Analyst

Documentation is one of the integral job functions of business analysts, and they, throughout a project, prepare many documents. These documents are created to fulfil the varied project needs and cater to audiences belonging to different spheres of a project.


The type and specifications a business analyst is expected to create in an organization depend upon many parameters like the organization’s processes and policies, needs and expectations of the business, and the stakeholder requirements.

A Functional Requirement Specification or Functional Specification Document describes a Key document for the project created by the BA. The FSD outlines the intended behaviour of a system, including data, operations, input, output, and the properties of the system.

In a BRD the requirements are high level, but in an FRS/FSD, they are written in many more details to capture every aspect of a requirement. Thus a functional specification document becomes a more technical, accurate, and descriptive requirement document. Owing to their technical nature, FRS/FSD are equally used by developers, testers, and the business stakeholders of a project.