project complexity

Describes the overall environment in which your software is developed. So, what defines your project as complex and, thus, more expensive?


Defined by the number and the complexity of features to implement, is one of the biggest software cost drivers. Besides directly affecting costs (more features, higher costs), vast functionality often entails the need for complex software architecture design, which comes at a price. 

UI/UX Design

Pricing differs depending on the amount of functionality to depict and the complexity of it (for example, custom illustrations for welcome screens and animations for screen transitions and buttons)..

Software integrations

Some integrations are easy (for example, with popular third-party services like PayPal), others can be challenging (integration with legacy systems) and demand more efforts for analysis, planning, and verification of results.

data migration

Requires a tailored approach to go without problems as two systems store data differently, and you need to reshape data from one system to fit it in another.

Reduce Development Cost

Conducting a comprehensive business analysis to get the detailed project requirements. 

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