Automate and Simplify Requirement Documentation

An easy-to-use cloud-based collaboration tool to quickly generate & manage Functional Specification Documents (FSDs)

Why SpecNota is different?

Improved productivity and faster time to development

Everything your team needs to Plan, Capture, Manage, Functional specification Document  — and get up to development faster, and achieve more.


Create Specification document using annotation blocks Library.


Get to development faster by speeding up the requirement Phase


Effortlessly create specification document like a provisional

SpecNota is For

Re-Usable Annotations

Create annotation templates, masters, re-usable and customisable component libraries.
Annotations are created in blocks for reuse.  , .

Mix & match

Save & Reuse

Team Collaboration

Multiple users can work on or edit the same FSD simultaneously. Our version control system tracks the changes. give feedback to everyone on the team easily by adding comments directly on each annotation

User Experience

User-focused tool making it easy for even a non-technical person to create a quality Specification Document. Create annotations with ease and consistency.

Predictive Text AI

Powered assistant to speed up the creation and quality. By analysing past behaviour and FSD to help the user create new FSD’s reusing date from past FSD’s.

Share and get feedback

A single click lets you publish your FSD and invite all project stakeholders to give feedback early on.

Export Documentation

With a single click, generate FSD from your and send from sign off